Using Interactive 3D Floor plans in your marketing

The fact of real estate industry today is that the number of agents is increasing, while the number of buyers is decreasing. Which is why it is all the more important for the agents to utilize all the tools available in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. One such technology is the interactive floor plan.

When the agents or the marketing department of the real estate can make use of 3D Floor Plan in order to improve the quality of their marketing communication by taking the prospective customer through the property virtually. This would also help them understand their potential customers needs and help them create better pitches in order to improve their sales.

3d architectural floor plans.png

There are many aspects that needs to be factored while real estate marketing. Regardless of the size of your market or your project, in order to craft a successful marketing strategy, you would need to understand your buyers. Most buyers know that when you take them to visit the location, you are delivering your sales pitch. So, they would be taking your words with a pinch of salt.

With Interactive 3D floor plans, you can stand out from the crowd. The prospective client can virtually visit the site, have a feel of actually walking in your project, browse through hundreds of listings, and take a serious call on their decisions. It also reduces the realtor’s time spent on each client, so it is kind of a win win situation for both.

There are many outsourcing firms that would help you create high quality Interactive 3D floor plans. One of the well known firms is Cad Outsourcing Services. When you opt for Rayvat Engineering, you will get an idea as to the exact kind of floor plans that you will need. No matter where you want to use the architectural floor plan, Rayvat will help you create one that would be suited exactly as per your need.

When you choose to 3D Floor plan work with Rayvat, we help you with all this. Contact us and give a boost to your business


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